Packaging Instructions

Before you go through our Packaging Instructions page, please check Ship2world's Prohibited & Restricted Item List. Any customer of Ship2world should be aware of NO DANGEROUS GOODS CAN BE ACCEPTED UNLESS YOU RECEIVE SPECIAL APPROVAL IN ADVANCE.

What shouldn't you do for packaging:

Don’t use fabric bags as packaging. Don’t completely seal your package; customs officers may need to open it for inspection. Don’t use rope or string to seal boxes. It can break, and it can catch on other packages and cause damage. Do not rely on “Fragile” and “Handle with care” labels as a substitute for careful packaging.

Powders in any forms, liquids & semi-liquids

Use arrow-up adhesive labels. if you are shipping liquids, semi-liquids, powders or grains to indicate which way the package should be handled. The labels can be bought at stationers, packaging suppliers and some post offices. Please check our prohibited item list if you are sending international parcels.

Computer discs, CD's or DVDs

When shipping computer discs, CD’s, or DVDs place each one in a protective sleeve, and package items tightly together.When shipping magnetic media like audio or video tapes, place all discs into a strong outer package with cushioning materials. Consider transferring magnetic media onto optical media like DVD or CD ROMS. If this is not possible, package discs in protective sleeves and place in the centre of a larger box. Size Matters Choose a box or container that is a little larger that the items to be packed, to allow protective packaging to be used inside the box. Under filled cartons may collapse. Overfilled cartons may burst.

Vulnerable & expensive goods

Cushioning Counts: worth protecting contents worth pounds. Use cushioning materials, such as: Polystyrene beads, Wood straw, Bubble wrap, Shred paper to cushion goods inside the box and stop contents moving during transit.


When sending pre-packaged or pre-wrapped gift items, do not rely on the manufacturer’s display or presentation of packaging. It is recommended, you repack gifts in line with the advice on this page.

Large, flat, flexible items

If you are sending large, flat, flexible items, like maps, plans, posters, etc,, pack them flat between two rigid boards (like hardboard) or roll items and place in postal tubes. Note: Triangular tubes are less likely to be damaged than round tubes.

Sharp items

When shipping items like tools, knives and scissors, if possible pack sharp items in manufacturer-supplied protective packaging or in a dedicated case that will protect edges and points. Otherwise, protect edges and points with heavy non-corrugated cardboard, tape securely in place so it will not dislodge. Make sure the recipient knows of potential sharp items in package to avoid the possibility of injury during unpacking.

Delicate & fragile items

If you are shipping delicate or fragile items place item(s) in the centre of the carton, and make sure they are not in contact with the outside walls at any point Surround fragile items with adequate cushioning. If there is more than one item – for example cups and saucers – place cushioning around each item. ‘Fragile’ or ‘Handle with Care’ labels are for information only, and do not confer any magical protective powers!

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