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Ship2World Limited can arrange insurance for Shipper covering the actual cash value in respect of loss of or physical damage to the Shipment, provided the Shipper completes the insurance section on the front of the waybill or requests it via Ship2World Limited’s automated systems and pays the applicable premium. Shipment insurance does not cover indirect loss or damage, or loss or damage caused by delays.


If you are shipping liquids, make sure they are in strong leak-proof container and seal with a double wrapping of plastic film Package liquids as suggested for delicate and fragile items above. Leakage may spoil to other items in the same package, so ship liquids in a separate and dedicated carton.

If you are shipping semi-liquid substances like grease or goods with strong unpleasant scents, please wrap them in plastic film or grease-resistant paper and seal these items with adhesive tape Package these items as suggested under delicate and fragile items, above. Leakage or contamination may spoil other items in the same package, it is recommended items are shipped in a dedicated and separate container.

If you are shipping powders and grains, package these items in a dedicated container or within strong plastic bags. Seal securely. Package powder items as suggested under section for delicate and fragile items. See above. Leakage may contaminate other items in the same package, as such ship items in a dedicated container/package.

Use arrow-up adhesive labels. If you are shipping liquids, semi-liquids, powders or grains to indicate which way the package should be handled. The labels can be bought at stationers, packaging suppliers and some post offices. Please check our prohibited item list if you are sending international parcels

When shipping computer discs, CDs, or DVDs place each one in a protective sleeve, and package items tightly together. When shipping magnetic media like audio or videotapes, place all discs into a strong outer package with cushioning materials. Consider transferring magnetic media onto optical media like DVD or CD ROMS. If this is not possible, package discs in protective sleeves and place them in the center of a larger box. Size Matters Choose a box or container that is a little larger than the items to be packed, to allow protective packaging to be used inside the box. Under filled cartons may collapse. Overfilled cartons may burst.

Cushioning Counts: worth protecting contents worth pounds. Use cushioning materials, such as: Polystyrene beads, Wood straw, Bubble wrap, Shred paper to cushion goods inside the box and stop contents moving during transit.

Cushioning Counts: worth protecting contents worth pounds. Use cushioning materials, such as: Polystyrene beads, Wood straw, Bubble wrap, Shred paper to cushion goods inside the box and stop contents moving during transit.

When sending pre-packaged or pre-wrapped gift items, do not rely on the manufacturer’s display or presentation of packaging. It is recommended, you repack gifts in line with the advice on this page.

If you cannot do this, write the address and other information clearly on the outside of the package. Use large capital letters, black or dark blue ink to improve readability.

If you are sending large, flat, flexible items, like maps, plans, posters, etc,, pack them flat between two rigid boards (like hardboard) or roll items and place in postal tubes. Note: Triangular tubes are less likely to be damaged than round tubes.

When shipping items like tools, knives and scissors, if possible pack sharp items in manufacturer-supplied protective packaging or in a dedicated case that will protect edges and points. Otherwise, protect edges and points with heavy non-corrugated cardboard, tape securely in place so it will not dislodge. Make sure the recipient knows of potential sharp items in package to avoid the possibility of injury during unpacking.

If you are shipping delicate or fragile items place item(s) in the centre of the carton, and make sure they are not in contact with the outside walls at any point Surround fragile items with adequate cushioning. If there is more than one item – for example cups and saucers – place cushioning around each item. ‘Fragile’ or ‘Handle with Care’ labels are for information only, and do not confer any magical protective powers!

Don’t use fabric bags as packaging. Don’t completely seal your package; customs officers may need to open it for inspection. Don’t use rope or string to seal boxes. It can break, and it can catch on other packages and cause damage. Do not rely on “Fragile” and “Handle with care” labels as a substitute for careful packaging.


Ship2World may perform any of the following activities on Shipper’s behalf in order to provide its services to Shipper:

(1) Complete any documents, amend product or service codes, and pay any duties or taxes required under applicable laws and regulations

(2) Act as Shipper’s forwarding agent for customs and export control purposes and as Receiver solely for the purpose of designating a customs broker to perform customs clearance and entry and;

(3) redirect the Shipment to Receiver’s import broker or other address upon request by any person who Ship2World believes in its reasonable opinion to be authorised. Please refer to section 20 of this document for details of post EU Exit documentation requirements for imports and exports.

All claims must be submitted in writing to Ship2World Limited within 10 working days from the date that Ship2World. Limited accepted the Shipment failing which Ship2World Limited nor its suppliers or carriers shall have no liability whatsoever.

Customer sending parcels from the UK to EU countries should be aware of changes brought by Brexit (from January 1st 2021) VAT & EORI: VAT and EORI details are mandatory for both imports and exports to and from the UK and EU Countries. Ship2World accepts no liability in any case where delays are incurred due to incorrect or no details provided for export or import. It is important to note that IOSS, ICS2 data as well as other details such as export licenses, health or Phytosanitary certificates may also be required for export or import between the UK, EU and Northern Ireland under new regulations – you as the customer, shipper or receiver accept and are responsible to ensure that these are provided prior to export or import, Ship2World accepts no liability for incorrect export or import documentation whether physical or electronic. HS/Commodity codes: Commodity or HS codes are and always have been mandatory for all imports into the UK and EU countries. HS code classification is the responsibility of the shipper or receiver of the goods, Ship2World is not responsible for the correct classification of a specific commodity or the value declared for any commodity, this is strictly the responsibility of the shipper, declarant or receiver, whomever may or shall make the declaration to the customs authority. Duties and Taxes: Duty and taxes may be applicable to exports to the EU countries and imports from EU countries. It is important to provide all necessary documentation to ensure that goods are not unduly delayed for both import and export. Delays at customs borders: Any delays relating to incorrect documentation may incur costs from airlines, handling agents or customs and excise. Ship2World holds no liability due to the inability of any parcel from be transported, handled or customs cleared in the UK or the Destination EU or other country due to incorrect or insufficient documentation. Ship2World accepts no liability, responsibility for delays or costs incurred, surcharges, consequential or other losses resulting in such delay by a third party, customs, governmental or other organisation under any circumstances including acts of God, force Majeure or other unknown situation.

Ship2World Services

We are connected to marketplaces such as 11th Street (Malaysia), Amazon (US, Canada, Europe, India), Ebay (Australia, Europe, India, UK, US) , Etsy, Jabong (India), Lazada (Phillipines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam), LimeRoad (India), Snapdeal (India), Souq.com (UAE), WeLoveShpping (Thailand), Zalora (Hongkong, Phillipines, Malaysia, Thailand) and many more. We can collect orders from all of these marketplaces and manage them in our shipping software.Connect “Easy Shipping” with your webshops (we provide plugins to multiple software platforms such as Magento) and with marketplaces on which you operate webshops and manage all orders in one shipping solution. Connect “Easy Shipping” with your webshops (we provide plugins to multiple software platforms such as Magento) and with marketplaces on which you operate webshops and manage all orders in one shipping solution.

Payment re-billing

Courier re-billing payment is a surcharge incurred when the parcel details (weight, size, etc.) measured by our partner’s courier do not conform to the parcel information entered by the customer when purchasing our services. The shipment will be on HOLD until customers pay off the surcharges which we have explained in the email for re-billing payment.

You can avoid re-billing payment by ensuring your parcel details are entered correctly during booking Ship2World services. Here are the maximum size, weight, and dimension of each parcel box accepted by Ship2World:
Parcel Girth Value = (Height + Width) * 2 + Length
Maximum Girth Value Allowed: 300 cm
Maximum Length Allowed: 80 cm
Maximum Weight Allowed: 20 kg

Yes, you can email our customer service team info@ship2world.co.uk. If you do not have sufficient evidence to reject the additional charge suggested by us, we will return the parcel to you unconditionally, and a return fee of £5 will be applied.

EU Imports & IOSS Registration

From 1st of July, the new EU policy has abolished import exemption for consignments of a value ≤ EUR 10-22. For consignments of a value ≤ EUR 150, the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) can be used to declare and pay the VAT. The vendor (directly or via an intermediary) registers for the IOSS in a Member State (MS or MSI) and charges the VAT to the customer at the time of supply, defined as the time when the payment is accepted. They then declare and pay VAT to the MSI on the basis of a monthly OSS VAT return; the MSI transfers the VAT to all MS of consumption (MSC). For consignments which are VAT exempt upon importation, the IOSS VAT number must be communicated to customs at the latest upon lodging of the import declaration. Each MS must compile a monthly listing including the total value of imports under the IOSS, per IOSS VAT No.

This is required for all your imports into any EU member state and all distance sellers must register for this in the state they wish to import. It is important to remember that as a distance seller you must charge VAT as you sell and you will need to pay or remit the VAT in the member state where your goods are sold or where you register for VAT on a quarterly basis – e.g. If you ship goods to, through or are registered in Netherlands but the buyer is based in Germany, you have to pay or remit your VAT in the Netherlands. It is also important to know that from July 2021 in the EU the current VAT registration thresholds of each member state changes to EUR10,000.00 per annum for distance sellers or Marketplace sellers.

To find more information about IOSS, please click on the link below:

To find the IOSS portals for all EU member states, please click on the link below:

If you are a marketplace seller who uses Ship Smart for e-commerce deliveries, the required IOSS number will be updated by the marketplace to Ship2World’s platform automatically.
If you use Ship2World’s standard booking process, you will need to add your registered IOSS number in the parcel details.

The process for VAT remittance is at the current time the responsibility of the distance seller or marketplace through a local representative who will handle your VAT remittance. This means that when an item is sold VAT must be charged to the UK buyer as Supply VAT. The VAT/EORI number of the marketplace or seller IOSS or VAT must not be displayed on the invoice (Commercial) or the CN22/23 (postal) documents. All data should only be transmitted securely in the electronic data or manifest. On arrival, the declarant information will be entered and the goods will clear customs on the declared EORI/VAT number. The marketplace or distance seller will then need to remit the VAT on a per entry basis or monthly or quarterly as defined by the EU Commission through your authorised intermediary or VAT consultant in your chosen country of arrival into the EU who will correctly distribute the VAT to the country where the item was purchased.

Direct Presentation

On the 1st January 2021 the United Kingdom has become a third country as far as the European Union is concerned. From this date UK manufacturers and importers are no longer considered to be an economic operator established in the union as are manufacturers in the rest of the World. As a consequence UK Manufacturers and sellers’ distributors in the EU must now take on the ‘obligations of importers‘ for the purposes of Union product legislation. These obligations are as follows:

  • • Ensure the correct and appropriate conformity assessment procedure has been carried out by the manufacturer.
  • • Check the manufacturer has drawn up the appropriate technical documentation and affixed the relevant conformity marking (e.g. CE marking) to the products.
  • • Check the manufacturer has fulfilled their traceability and safety obligations.
  • • Check that, where relevant, product instructions and safety information have been provided in a language easily understood by consumers and other end-users – this is the local language of the country of destination.
  • • Provide a European name and address which can be placed on the product, its packaging or accompanying documentation.
  • • Keep a copy of the products declaration of conformity and necessary disposal or WEEE compliance.
  • • Ensure technical documentation can be made available to the competent national authority upon request.

If you have any other questions not covered in our FAQs list, please contact us at info@ship2world.co or click here to fill in our contact form.

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