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Effective at ventricular, less at atrioventricular kov and atrial extrasystoles.

Arteritis giant cell (disease Horton) Giant cell arteritis (temporal arteritis, Horton's disease) is a systemic disease characterized by characterized by granulomatous inflammation of the middle shells of blood vessels, mainly carotid basin arteries (temporal, cranial, etc.); often (Bupropion) online - SR Buy Anti-Depressants 150mg Wellbutrin combined etsya With rheumatic polymyalgia.

Corticosteroids Used in doses equivalent to 4060 mg prednisolone in day, With slow gradual reduce long-term use of maintenance doses 1050 mg/day.

Rp.: Methylprednisoloni 0.004 (0.016; 0.032) Dtd N.

14 times in day Berlicort, Kenalog, polcortolon, Tricort.

By 35 ml intramuscularly (deep, in flow 12 min) before 24 once in day 112.

brunalginum, Metamizol Nobol, Novalgetol Spas- dolzin, Toralgin.

intramuscularly, intravenously on 2 ml, 12 times in day 115.

By one candle in direct intestine 14 times in day Derivatives quinoline 116. 2 times in day after food in flow ten days then on one tab.

on the night per 23 hours before sleep in flow 612 months delagil, Chlorochin. Asystole If pacing fails intracardiac atropine sulfate (rec.

Intravenously, jet, fast, every 35 min up to a total daily dose of 480-720 mg (2.4% solution - 2030 ml).

Atherosclerosis Atherosclerosis is a systemic lesion of the arteries, expressed in the formation of atheromatous plaques nis in internal shell arteries. By one (before eight tab.) 12 times in day (not chewing).

By one sachet 25 once in day (in time food, drinking glass liquids).

By 2 capsules in the morning and one in the evening.

By 0.30.45 drug in the morning and in the evening or on 0.9 in the evening (per thirty minutes before food, not chewing).

13 times in day 137.Rp.: Lovastatin 0.01 (0.02; 0.04) Dtd N. Linaetholi 100 ml DS 20 ml (1.5 tablespoons) orally in the morning before food one once in day 140.

Intravenously online - 150mg SR Anti-Depressants (Bupropion) Buy Wellbutrin 1015 ml (in 200300 ml isotope nic glucose solution or sodium chloride drip).

Intravenously (intramuscular, under skin) on 12 ml 12 times in day 148.

Intravenously (slowly), less often intramuscular but on one ml. Rp.: thyroxini 0.000025 (0.00005; Buy Wellbutrin SR (Bupropion) 150mg 0.000075 online - Anti-Depressants; 0.0001; 0.000125; 0.00015; 0.000175) Dtd N. Vasculitis hemorrhagic (disease Shenlein-Genoch) Hemorrhagic vasculitis (Schonlein's disease) Genoch) - a systemic lesion of capillaries, arteries ol, venule Preparations calcium (cm. Intramuscularly 1-5 ml 1-2 times a day; internal rivenno 25 ml (With 100 ml 0.9 solution sodium chlo- read) drip. 23 times in day (after food) brunergan, Pipolphen, Promethazini hydrochloride.

Intramuscular on 12 ml, intravenously before 2 ml. 2 times in day (in the morning, in the evening, not once- chewing). By 12 dragee 12 times in day mebhydrolin, Omeryl. Astelong, Astemisan, Histalong, Hystamal, Hysta- zol, Stemiz.

2 times in day Bronal, Taerfena, teldan, tofrin, Trexyl. AT doses equivalent 3040 mg/day prednisolone, mainly for abdominal form. 23 times in day Antibiotics At availability foci infections courses on 5- ten days (cm.

Rp.: Benzylpenicillin sodium 250 000 ED (500 000 ED; one 000 000 ED) Dtd N.

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