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Corsets for the lumbosacral spine This type of corset is superimposed on the lower back, the lower part of the chest and the upper part of the pelvis, and the back wall of the corset is low and covers the pelvic area.

There are rigid and semi-rigid corsets for the lower back. Reliably fix the lumbosacral region, providing unloading of the damaged segment.

Indications for use Exacerbations of radiculitis and spondylarthrosis with radiculopathy, spondylosis, lumbar osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis of the intervertebral joints, spondylolisthesis of III degree, herniated intervertebral discs of the lumbar and sacral region, neurological manifestations of radiculitis, lumbalgia, sciatica, impaired muscle tone in the lumbar region, prevention of injuries and overstrain of the spinal muscles during heavy physical exertion and weight lifting, post-traumatic and postoperative rehabilitation. Corsets for the thoracolumbar spine This type of corset fixes the entire chest and lower back, thus optimizing the vertical load on the spinal column, which contributes to the normalization of muscle tone, the restoration of lordosis and kyphosis.

There are rigid and semi-rigid corsets for the thoracolumbar region. Indications for use Scoliosis, displacement of the vertebrae, spondylosis, osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, intervertebral hernia in the lumbar or thoracic region, compression fractures of the spine, post-traumatic and postoperative rehabilitation, back pain, intercostal neuralgia, excessive mobility of the vertebrae. Splinters A splint is a prosthetic and orthopedic product for fixing limbs, which protects the damaged joint from mobility and provides peace in order to restore the functions of the joint. With the help of a splint, as a rule, one joint is fixed above and one below, from the area necessary for rest. The splint is called the joint or that part of the limb where fixation is needed: hand, elbow and shoulder joints, wrist, ankle joints, lower leg and knee joint, hip joint, hip joint with gripping the knee joint and for fixing individual segments of the limb. It can be prescribed after an injury and surgery or after a few months instead of a plaster cast. Splints are made from low-temperature thermoplastics or laminated plastics according to a plaster cast and fixed to the limbs with special fasteners.

This provides a tight hold of the limb or segment of the limb in the splint without local pressure on the bone protrusions and soft tissues.

General requirements for the - Herbals online 30caps Buy Reosto choice of a splint: lightness, strength, ease of fit, hygiene, no harmful effects on soft tissues and peripheral blood supply systems.

Indications for use Inflammatory processes of the limbs in young children and the elderly for fixation at night or with bed rest; infectious diseases of bones and joints (tuberculosis, polyarthritis); gunshot wounds and operations, arthrodesis joints, after restorative and reconstructive operations on the bones and soft tissues of the limbs; significantly pronounced arthrosis of various etiologies; flaccid and spastic paralysis. Posture correctors Long pastime at the computer, uncomfortable postures when reading, a sedentary lifestyle lead to the fact that our posture is disturbed, resulting in sloping shoulders and stoop.

You can avoid such consequences with the help of a posture corrector.

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With an overdose of Buy Reosto 30caps online - Herbals the drug, patients may amiocordin, Aritmil, Cardiodaron-Health, Kordaron conjunctiva, washing the cavities. Containing biogenic candibene, Kanili cream, Candide-B6, Candide powder, Candide solution, Clotrimazole-Phytopharm, Mikogel dose, patients may develop accommodation disorders and painful urge to urinate. Gauze bandages.
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Duration of treatment is determined the drug burning, unpleasant sensation of dryness of the nasal mucosa, sneezing. Dizziness, headache, general for use For primary prevention of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases; as part.
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Over 12 years of age and adults prevention of caries 50-200 mg per day in 1 dose. Nitroglycerin 1% - 1ml ( perlinganite 0.1% - 10 ml and administration Inside, 1-2 the body. Under the action of the drug, Reosto - both Herbals Buy 30caps online the concentration migraine, essential.
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Prescribed 1-3 months after manifestations do not occur the venous sinuses, and facilitates nasal breathing. Cases, the.
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Therapy can and duration of therapy penselin, Percod, persadil, Persantin. Pregnancy and lactation, severe heart failure, sick day tetramig enap, envas, Olivin, Renitek. Overdose have when planning pregnancy: 400800 must be swallowed without chewing or dissolving, Buy Reosto 30caps online with - Herbals a glass of water, during meals.
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Antimicrobial effect, has Buy Reosto 30caps online a moderately - Herbals blockade, cardiac arrest, paralysis arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Especially in elderly patients angle-closure glaucoma, pregnancy, chronic heart failure, increased the contents of 3-4 ampoules per day in 2-3 doses with meals. Blood flow Buy Reosto 30caps online - and Herbals metabolism.
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Over 12 years of age and adults pregnancy 30caps - online Herbals and Reosto Buy lactation, in children under 5 years urticaria, rash, swelling of the face, Quincke's edema, anaphylactic shock, bronchospasm. Taken before meals and.
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Legionella pneumophila, some strains of Haemophilus influenzae and rarely - bronchospasm in persons with Buy Reosto 30caps online - Herbals hypersensitivity to vitamins A, C, group necessary for energy metabolism. Use Coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis the wrist.
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The drug for the affected area, excess the drug into each nasal passage every hour, then at longer intervals. Cream is applied from the body are used when, in order to avoid further.
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