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In addition to athletes, such a bandage is recommended to be worn by people who are at risk of damage to online 500mg Keflex (Cephalexin) Antibiotics the 250mg, Buy - elbow joint during everyday work: mechanics, loaders, dressmakers.

Contraindications Local skin diseases, purulent infections, flexion contracture of the elbow joint. knee brace Bandages for the knee joint are also recommended for use by athletes. This type of bandage provides fixation of the joint, reduces pain and relieves stress from the kneecap.

When playing sports, it provides comfort, improves blood circulation, without restricting movements. They are intended for those who already have a joint or tendon injury, are diagnosed with arthrosis of the patella or inflammation of the tendons, Schlatter-Osgood disease (osteochondropathy of the tibial tuberosity).

Contraindications Individual intolerance, open wounds, thrombophlebitis, allergy to the material, wound that does not tolerate thermal exposure Shoulder brace This type of bandage helps to stabilize the shoulder joint, unloading the ligamentous-muscular apparatus in case of various injuries of the shoulder girdle, bruises or sprains, inflammation of the tendons, dislocations and fractures, during the rehabilitation period after surgery, with hypermobility of the shoulder joint, with fracture of the clavicle. It has a thermal and massage effect with moderate compression on the damaged area.

Varieties: kerchief bandage (made of soft material), orthosis (with metal and plastic elements), immobilizing bandage (Deso bandage).

Contraindications Allergy to the material of the product, local dermatitis.

Wrist brace This orthopedic product helps to avoid diseases of the wrist and hand in the future.

Indicated for wearing after injuries, in the diagnosis of arthritis, bursitis, with joint instability, in sports, especially if the brush is actively used. Contraindications Local dermatitis, pustular infection, contracture. Corsets for the spine Other orthopedic devices are also used for the treatment and prevention of diseases, deformities, and injuries of various parts of the spinal column. The corset is considered the most effective among them.

This orthopedic device is a wide elastic belt that tightly wraps around the back area. As materials for the manufacture of an orthopedic corset, dense breathable and elastic fabrics, plastic, rubber, leather, and metal are used. Medical corsets of armored type are made from high-temperature and low-temperature thermoplastics.

The corset has stiffening ribs and tightening straps, due to which it fits snugly to the problem area and takes on a significant part of the load on the spine. Thus, the corset helps to relax

Buy Keflex (Cephalexin) 250mg, 500mg online - Antibiotics

spasmodic muscles, normalize blood flow and metabolism, and reduce pain.

Types of corsets by spine Corsets for the cervical spine: a full-fledged orthopedic corset, worn on the thoracic region, but with a girth Keflex online around (Cephalexin) 500mg Antibiotics Buy - 250mg, the neck; cervical collar (tire) of Shants; collar (orthopedic corset, which is worn Buy Keflex (Cephalexin) 250mg, 500mg only online - Antibiotics around the neck); bandage (much harder than a collar); Keflex 250mg, online 500mg Buy (Cephalexin) inflatable Antibiotics - bandage. Indications for use Pain in the neck, cervical osteochondrosis, arthrosis of the intervertebral joints, injuries and operations in the cervical spine, cervical myositis, radiculopathy, extensive damage to the soft tissues of the neck, violations of the tone of the cervical muscles, rehabilitation after traumatic brain injuries. Corsets for the lumbosacral spine This type of corset is superimposed on the lower back, the lower part of the chest and the upper part of the pelvis, and the back wall of the corset is low and covers the pelvic area.

There are rigid and semi-rigid corsets for the lower back.

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