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It is applied topically, and gradually dissolves in the wound.

The gelatin absorbent sponge is a hardened sterile foam, soluble in water; absorbs blood in body tissues, creating conditions for its coagulation.

Collagen sponge has the appearance of sterile porous plates obtained from collagen. Algipor is a sponge made from a polymeric substance (alginate) extracted from seaweed.

It is superimposed on the wound and absorbs the discharge of the wound, resolves over time. It is used to treat trophic Buy Copegus (Ribavirin) 100mg ulcers online - Anti Viral, bedsores, during operations on internal organs.

Algimaf is a modification of algipore, contains a different set of antiseptic substances, promotes accelerated wound healing. Wound dressings These dressings are intended primarily for the treatment of chronic wounds.

There are such coatings: alginate; spongy; hydrogel; hydrocolloid.

Vapor-permeable films and membranes are also used as wound coverings.

Bandages, corsets and posture correctors, belts Orthoses are called external devices, with the help of which they restore the lost forms and - Buy Copegus Anti Viral 100mg (Ribavirin) functions online of the musculoskeletal system.

These include corsets, bandages, special shoes, insoles, etc.

Orthoses are used to unload, fix, activate and correct the functions of a damaged joint or limb, they are used for instability of the ligamentous apparatus of the joints, injuries, for rehabilitation from bone cracks after removal of plaster, during classes sports, arthrosis and arthritis of the joints, in the postoperative period. Orthoses are made from a variety of materials, including thermoplastics, carbon fiber, metal, elastic materials, fabric, or combinations of similar materials, along the contour of the limb with measurements to ensure the resulting device is as effective as possible. Orthosis functions: stabilizes and relieves the spine and joints; Anti - Buy (Ribavirin) corrects 100mg online Viral Copegus changes in the musculoskeletal system (with scoliosis, kyphosis, etc.); restores the functions of soft tissues after injuries (fractures, sprains, dislocations, subluxations, bruises, etc.); relieves pain syndromes and swelling; prevents injury during physical exertion (protection).

Bandages A bandage is a special orthopedic product with various inserts for medical and cosmetic correction. Bandages are used when, in order to avoid further problems, it is necessary to fix (immobilize) the damaged part of the body.

Bandages can be knitted, elastic or metal with various inserts. Bandages are used to relieve pain in various diseases, to restore the functioning of a certain organ or joint after fractures, sprains and inflammatory processes, in order to prevent certain diseases in order to avoid deformation of body parts, to recover after surgery.

Neck brace Designed for rigid fixation of the cervical vertebrae.

Provides complete immobility of the cervical region, unloads the vertebrae, reduces nerve trauma, and normalizes the tone of the cervical muscles.

Indications Buy 100mg Copegus (Ribavirin) - Instability online Viral Anti or fractures of the cervical vertebrae, postoperative period, impaired muscle tone, anomalies of the cervical region.

Ankle brace Used to protect the ankle in collisions or forced falls (sports) to avoid injury; while maintaining freedom of movement.

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