Ship 2 World Shipping Partner One World Express has now a new partnership with OnBuy this month is the UK’s most trusted marketplace which is not only popular in UK but also all over the world.
Ship 2 World very proudly announce that One World Express integrated as a shipping carrier on platform.

Online sellers on platform can also be used as One World Express as an option to send their parcels not only in UK but also globally as well.

The new integration with will provide vendors on the platform with greater choice and convenience, enabling simple and secure shipping from a known and trusted service. Vendors can get assured that their products will reach the consumer on time, in good hands and potentially at lower cost. Not only will this relationship benefit OnBuy sellers grow in the UK but, through its solid worldwide network.
The partnership, effective now, marks another solid step One World Express for its ambitious tactics to reach unicorn status in the future, with a roadmap of further company milestones yet to be announced.

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