How the UK is Top Choice for Small Businesses

After nearly 18 months, the UK’s recovery from COVID-19 appears to be finally underway.

 With the successful introduction of the vaccination program in combination with the gradual relaxation of the lockdown since April 2021, many Britons feel that normalcy is within reach.

 However, some companies are not yet at their recovery point. In fact, a recent survey commissioned by One World Express found that more than two-fifths (42%) of small and medium-sized businesses (1,049 employees) have seen no improvement in business results since April this year. Meanwhile, another 52% need to return to full operational capacity.

 These numbers are concerning. Lastly, the government continues to insist that SMEs must play a leadership role in helping the UK recover from the pandemic.

 Therefore, it is important to understand exactly what is hindering the survival of such organizations.

 Obstacles to normality

 As the UK began to return to normal, the government began to reduce its COVID support mechanisms, such as holidays. While understandable, such actions could put pressure on certain businesses, especially those that may still see a drop in customer influx if some customers are still reluctant to visit offices or stores in person.

 However, many companies will have been surprised by the “pingdemic”, that is, when the NHS track and trace application has informed the public that they have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID and therefore, he had to isolate himself for ten days. In fact, nearly 700,000 people in the UK realized self-isolation at its peak in the week ending July 21. As a result, an overwhelming majority (81%) of SMEs faced staff shortages.

 As of August 16, isolation guidelines have been relaxed and people who have received two vaccines will no longer need to isolate if they have encountered a person infected with COVID. However, the damage has already been done to companies, some of which have had to cut back their operations or even close their offices. As a result, companies have lost sales and productivity that they can no longer compensate for for some time.

 Of course, this will hamper the post-pandemic recovery of individual companies and the UK economy as a whole. Therefore, it is critical that organizations receive adequate support to counter potential disruptions.

 Additional Assistance

 Obviously, providing adequate financial assistance is critical. According to the One World Express study mentioned above, 60% of SMEs ask the government to provide clarity on long-term financial support programs.

 Once companies have realized the various financial incentives, they are provided with a welcome safety net as they plan their long-term strategies. Given that the UK economy has yet to fully recover, it could be unfair to end all support programs immediately. This could jeopardize the survival of organizations.

 Similarly, companies must be equipped with the right tools to enable growth, and that inevitably includes creating a sustainable logistics strategy that also offers the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

 So One World Express recently partnered with Orange Connex to deliver Ship2world. This innovative technology platform connects SMEs with more than 130 messaging solutions.

 Built-in Smart Track technology backed by One World Express enables users to monitor their courier trips and identify potential inefficiencies in their chosen courier service. Better yet, Ship2World gives SMBs the flexibility to change courier services to better suit their business needs.  Platforms like Ship2world allow SMEs to develop logistics strategies to ensure their products can be delivered to customers around the world, including major e-commerce markets such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and Germany. As such, they will be able to grow and thus facilitate your recovery from COVID. Companies would never recover from the pandemic. However, a combination of government clarity and sustainable logistics strategies will undoubtedly provide the right tools to support your recovery in the months and years to

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